Sunday, July 11, 2010

Christmas Cards..... Start designing now !

With Christmas being such a busy family time, I like to organise my Christmas cards early. I have my list , complete with the address and post code etc on my computer. All I have left to do is to make my personalized cards. Making your own you can put your very special love and thoughts into them. They don't always have to be the 'Run of the Mill' Style. I have a few thoughts for the ones that will go to my family and  friends who deserve something that little bit special .
 I will show you couple that I have started already.Some will be simple and some will be more ornate, suiting the personality of the recipients.
So friends it  is time to get out your bibs and bobs and start creating,  You all know what Christmas looks like so put your own touch to it.  Write in them, address them as you make them and cross them off your list, so simple.Your family and friends will  really appreciate your efforts.


  1. Hi Joy, It's KimT here, upline to Michelle D. I am wondering where you got that reindeer. Is it a die you have to use in your BigShot or CuttleBug or did you buy it as part of a sheet of die cuts? I would really appreciate you letting me know. Many thanks, Kim T (

  2. Hi Kim , sorry for the delay in replying. We have had a very sad few weeks.
    The Die for the Reindeer is a Sizzix one that I put through my Sizzix Big Kick.I ordered it last year but it took months for it to come from the USA.If you want I can send you some die cuts of it to you.


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