Become a Demonstrator

Considering joining my team?

Is your wishlist off the page and beyond?

Do you feel like you just “want it all!!!”

Would you like a way to earn extra money that fits into your life just the way you want, doing something creative and enjoyable?

There are so many benefits to becoming a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator, and I'm here to help you decide if the Stampin' Up! Business Opportunity is right for you. I'd love to have you join my small, friendly team, and I'd be happy to have an honest, no-obligation chat to answer your queries.

Choosing the right Upline and team to suit your needs is an important decision to make. My own Upline Michelle Dyson's StampInkPaper Inc team includes a variety of demonstrators, from those subsidising their habit hobby to those who are building their own viable, income producing businesses. They are all equally valued members of the team! As your upline, I aim to provide you with the level of support and encouragement you need to reach your own goals, not just my own! Seeing my team members grow as stampers and demonstrators is a great reward in itself. You're most welcome to contact any of my team members to get their take on what kind of Upline I could be for you.

So, what's in it for you?

The benefits and advantages are many and varied, but here is a list of some of the more tangible things:

The Discount: You will receive an instant discount of 20% on all your catalogue purchases, this is referred to as "Instant Income" And, depending on the level of your sales for each calendar month, you can earn up to an additional 12% commission as a payment into your nominated bank account after the end of the month, This is called "Volume Rebate"

The Online Resources: The Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator website is a fabulous resource for creative ideas, business tips and a place to connect with your fellow demonstrators. There are design ideas, workshop resources and templates, business support and lots more. Aside from the Company website, as a member of my team you have access to three other Demonstrator Forum groups, including two of the largest in Australia. These Discussion Groups are a valuable source of support and friendship with demonstrators around Australia.

The Relationships: Probably the most surprisingly wonderful aspect of joining the Stampin' Up! "family" is discovering a whole new world of like-minded people to create and laugh along with. People I would never have met otherwise, fellow demonstrators and customers alike, have since become an important part of my life. The StampInkPaper Inc team are a generous and supportive bunch, and we enjoy regular casual get togethers. The culture of support and friendship extends beyond individual teams to all demonstrators. If you need help, or to borrow something, you can count on a fellow demo, every time!

The Income: It is entirely possible to make your Stampin' Up! business produce real income. Depending on the level of effort you put in, it can be anything from a way to subsidise your interest in stamping, to making your hobby pay for itself, to paying for family treats and far beyond. Absolutely, given the value packed into the Starter Kit, there is nothing to lose! I am actually contributing to my family’s income doing something that I love and that is flexible enough to combine with being a good mum to my young children.

The Freebies: In addition to the direct discount and volume rebate, there are lots of opportunities to earn free stamps and accessories. When you host your own events as a demonstrator, YOU are the Hostess, and you're entitled to the usual Hostess Benefits - exclusive stamp sets and products from the Catalogues. Demonstrators also have access to early product releases, and are able to earn regular product incentives throughout the year. There are also regular promotions, and you still get your usual Demonstrator Discount off the reduced customer price!

The Social Life: Imagine being able to combine work and pleasure at a Stampin' Up! Event? From the Annual Australia/New Zealand Convention to smaller Regional Training events, to local Team Training days and casual Weekend Stamping Retreats there is something to suit everyone! Stampin' Up! Convention and Regionals are packed with inspirational displays and demonstrations, business tips and stamping sessions. They also offer generous prizes and giveaways and the opportunity to participate in card swaps with other demonstrators. Having attended a number of Stampin’ Up! events now, I can promise you will have a fantastic time from start to finish! And the Annual Team Weekend Retreats are something I look forward to as a highlight of the year.

The Incentives: To help you get off to a great "Stampin' Start" with your business, there is a great incentive program allowing you to earn free stamps based on your sales and recruiting efforts within your first six months. Sale-a-Bration runs during January and February each year and is another opportunity to earn free stamp sets based on your sales and team-building. Or, aim for the Annual Incentive trip to an exotic location - you will be treated like Royalty during your all expenses paid trip for two. Dream big, and you could be there!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the minimum sales amount required?

To remain active as a demonstrator you need to maintain sales of $550 per quarter (3 months). When you join as a Demonstrator, you have until the end of your first FULL quarter, so join during July to have until December 31st to meet your quota. The $550 is calculated using catalogue prices, so you pay even less when you take your Demonstrator Discount into account. If you sign up with the intention to be a hobby demonstrator, you will easily meet your minimum by making occasional sales to your stampin’ friends in addition to your own purchases. If you wish to host or run workshops, one or two events per quarter is more than enough to maintain your active status.

Do I have to run workshops?

It is entirely up to you. All the support and assistance to get started with workshops is available to you from both Stampin' Up! and myself as your upline. However, if you never want to present a workshop, then you never have to! Workshops aren't nearly as scary as they might seem, and with a little practice and your natural enthusiasm for the products they will soon become second nature. Workshops are also the easiest and best way to grow your customer base, but you are free to run your demonstratorship any way you like, within the terms of the Demonstrator Agreement. Other options for making sales include hosting classes, crop days, market stalls etc.

How do I earn income from being a Demonstrator?

You earn an instant 20% commission on all of your catalogue sales, provided as a discount at the time of ordering. If your sales in any calendar month reach $500 or more, you will receive an additional "Volume Rebate" of between 4 and 12% on a sliding scale. If you choose to build a team of your own, you can also earn an additional commission based on your team's sales, paid by Stampin' Up! I recommend to my team members that they open a separate bank account right from the start, so you can see those Stampin' Up! deposits and watch your hobby start to pay for itself and far beyond!

What are the Set Up Costs - do I need to keep stock on hand?
*STOP PRESS* Stay tuned for an update, the 2011-12 Starter Kit includes even more value, $610, for the same low price of $289 including shipping.  I'll put up new images as soon as the new kit goes live!
The cost of the Stampin’ Up! starter kit is a great value $289, including postage and handling.

The kit contains everything you need to start holding workshops, from a variety of stamps, inks and accessories, to business supplies, and is valued at over $515. For detailed information on what is contained in the starter kit, please click HERE, and you can download the Starter Kit Order form HERE. You can customise the starter kit extensively, choosing your preferred colours and substitute stamp sets to suit your taste (up to the same or lesser value per set). The new 2010-2011 Starter Kit has been completely revamped, so there is even more flexibility and variety than ever before - even past demonstrators or long-term customers won't have difficulty selecting a great kit. The "Stampin' Memories" optional add-on kit represents great value at just $75, and contains over $135 wo rth of products ideal for Scrapbooking.

There is no need to hold any quantities of stock on hand, beyond enough cardstock for your own use and to prepare for upcoming classes or workshops. Customers select from the catalogue and pay in advance, and you place orders as required.

Do I need an ABN?
*STOP PRESS*  Not any more!  You can now sign up as a demonstrator without an ABN.  Should you choose to grow your business substantially to the point where tax would need to be withheld from your monthly commission earnings, you can apply for the ABN at that point.
Yes, you'll need an Australian Business Number. An ABN is a single number to facilitate interactions with the Australian Tax Office, other government offices, and other businesses. Stampin' Up! uses the ABN to help demonstrators remain in compliance with tax and legal ordinances and help us provide individualised demonstrator services.

What training is available?

Between myself as your upline, the Demonstrator website, the team forums, your fellow StampInkPaper team members and numerous other resources such as Stampin' Up! Regional Training and Convention, there is all the training you could ever want! Whether you are local to me or on the other side of the country, I am always just a phone call or email away.

I aim to be an encouraging, supportive upline, without pushing you beyond what you want for yourself. If you require extra support in any area of your business, all you need to do is ask. I am more than happy to help in whatever way I can. I send regular team newsletters, and hope to organise a weekend retreat during 2012.

Stampin’ Up! also provides a variety of valuable resources - including the demonstrator website, Demonstrator Support Office staff, the monthly full-colour Impressions magazine, a training DVD, Demonstrator manual and product guide, plus a series of ‘Ready-Set-Start’ email newsletters designed especially for demonstrators just starting out.

What if I change my mind after I’ve signed up?

If your life circumstances change and you decide that you can't continue as a Demonstrator, then there are no penalties or costs involved and nothing to return. If you don’t meet your sales requirements for any given quarter, you have an extra month to make up the shortfall if you wish - a 'Pending' period. If you choose not to do anything, at the beginning of the next month you cease to be an active demonstrator, entering "Dropped" status. Should you wish to rejoin in the future, you do, however, need to purchase the Starter Kit again.

Got this far? Well done! Please give me a call to chat some more about what being a demo is all about, and to answer any questions you can think of! My email is and my phone numbers are XXXXXX and XXXXXX. I can also post you a package of information and the application forms.

(Text provided here is COPYRIGHT © Michelle Dyson, StampInkPaper Inc.  Please do not copy for your own use without requesting express permission, thank you for your consideration)